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Point Park recognizes student accomplishments at Outstanding Student Awards celebration

Thursday, May 02, 2013

At an awards dinner on April 26, four students were named the outstanding senior in their school. Shown in this photo, left to right:  Heidi Schlegel, Conservatory of Performing Arts; Karly Shorts, School of Arts and Sciences; Zoe Sadler, School of Communication; and Adam Sutermater, School of Business. | Photo by Jim Judkis
Point Park's 2013 Outstanding Seniors: Heidi Schlegel, Conservatory of Performing Arts; Karly Shorts, School of Arts and Sciences; Zoe Sadler, School of Communication; and Adam Sutermaster, School of Business.

From academic excellence to extraordinary leadership to contributions across the campus, Point Park honored a wide array of student accomplishments at a festive evening to cap the 2012-13 academic year.

More than 300 students and faculty, along with friends and family members, gathered April 26 at the Fairmont Pittsburgh hotel, just a few blocks from campus, for Point Park’s 2013 Outstanding Student Awards dinner.

“This has been a wonderful year for academically thriving and achieving, and we want to recognize the accomplishments of faculty and students in that effort. In all of our schools, students have exceeded their expectations,” Karen McIntyre, senior vice president for academic and student affairs, told those assembled.


At tables with yellow rose centerpieces and tea-light candles, the students, faculty and guests dined on baked chicken, asparagus and risotto, followed by chocolate pudding parfaits and fruit and cream tarts, all to a background soundtrack of soft jazz.

Many of the students who attended were graduating seniors. To them, Point Park President Paul Hennigan offered four simple recommendations: have confidence in yourself; work hard; set a new goal; and be lifelong learners.

“Most recent college graduates do not become the CEO of a company right out of school. Most recent college graduates don’t get the lead on Broadway. Most college graduates right out of school don’t get to anchor the evening news,” he said. “We all had to start at the bottom and we had to work hard and work our way through to where we are today. It takes a whole lot of hard work and it takes a very good attitude.”

Hennigan described his own early job experiences  -- working on a paving crew, bartending, waiting tables – that helped shape his words of advice.

“Wake up every single day with a goal and a sense of direction. Just getting up is a good thing, right? Go to work; pay your bills; and find a path,” Hennigan told them. “Stay on your path and it all will work out very nicely for you.”

2013 Point Park Student Award Recipients

Outstanding Graduating Seniors

  • Karly Shorts, School of Arts and Sciences
  • Adam Sutermaster, School of Business
  • Zoe Sadler, School of Communication
  • Heidi Schlegel, Conservatory of Performing Arts

Outstanding Graduate Student

  • George Githiaka

Honors Award Recipients

  • Isabella Alexandratos
  • Zoe Sadler
  • James Katezulas
  • Cornelia Bianca McLellan

Campus Life Staff Member of the Year

  • Brett Greene

Sophomore Leadership Award

  • Amanda Belfiore

Co-Curricular Awards

  • Outstanding Advisor: Katherine Sikma
  • Outstanding Orientation Leader: Michael Swalga
  • Program of the Year: “Vagina Monologues,” Got Consent?
  • Unsung Hero: Emmiley Stern
  • Emerging Leader: Laura Carmody
  • Outstanding New Student Organization: Fashion Club
  • Outstanding Student Organization: Strong Women, Strong Girls
  • Outstanding Student Leader: Karly Shorts

Academic Excellence Awards

Undergraduate Students

  • Jennifer Arfsten, Musical Theater
  • Nialyn Bey, Human Resources Management
  • James Bloom, Electrical Engineering Technology
  • Kelsey Bower, Design
  • James Brewer, Outstanding Graduate Criminal Justice Programs
  • Nicole Chynoweth, Outstanding Contribution to the School of Communication
  • Bailey Donovan, Cinema
  • Elena Egusquiza-Miller, Acting
  • Caitlyn Ehmann, Outstanding Graduate Criminal Justice & Intelligence Studies Department
  • Hannah Finch, Dance
  • Ashley Funkhouser, Business Management
  • Courtney Geruschat, Accounting
  • Patricia Gooden, Outstanding Graduate Forensic Science Program
  • Kalea Hall, Outstanding Contribution to Point Park News Service
  • Elizabeth Haushalter, Business Management
  • Sara Mahmood, Education
  • Autumn Mitchell, Outstanding Graduate Intelligence & National Security Program
  • Kristen Montgomery, Psychology
  • Shaquela Myrick, Outstanding Contribution to the School of Communication Clubs
  • Lindsey Oberacker, Biological Sciences
  • Jose Olavarria, Economics/Finance
  • Greg Porter, Public Administration
  • Tim Robinson, Organizational Leadership
  • Sarah Samuels, Psychology
  • Hugo Schroeder, Stage Management
  • Justin Smith, Information Technology
  • Nicholas Sperdute, Outstanding Contribution to WPPJ student radio station
  • Susan Spieler, Biotechnology
  • Adam Sutermaster, Sport, Arts and Entertainment Management
  • Richelle Szypulski, Outstanding Contribution to The Globe student newspaper
  • Lindsey Watson, Outstanding Contribution to U-View student TV station

Graduate Students

  • Michael Devine, Criminal Justice Administration
  • George Githiaka, M.A. in Organizational Leadership- Management & International Studies
  • Elizabeth Ann Jenkins, MBA- Fast Track
  • Darren Jones, Engineering Management
  • Deirdre Kane, M.A. in Organizational Leadership- Community Leadership
  • Matthew Miles, Environmental Studies
  • Darlene Natale, Journalism and Mass Communication
  • Daria Opekunova, MBA - Traditional
  • Jill Randolph-Lazzini, Education
  • Robert Toth, MBA - Accelerated
  • Jennifer Toth, MBA - Accelerated


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