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Point Park University to Serve as Home to New Documentary Series

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

“The Chair” is a documentary series following two up and coming directors as they compete to make the best feature film using the same script and set of resources.

"The Chair," a new documentary series that follows two up-and-coming directors as they compete to make the best feature film from the same script using the same resources, will begin production in Pittsburgh this month.

More than 100 Point Park University students and alumni from a variety of majors will support the television series and two feature films as interns, employees and through class projects. The production offices will be located on campus in West Penn Hall. 

“'The Chair' gives our students and alumni the opportunity to gain real-world experience alongside artists and professionals on a unique project of national scope,” said Point Park President Paul Hennigan. “It aligns perfectly with our mission.”

"The Chair" is being produced by veteran Hollywood producer Chris Moore, and Pittsburgh native and renowned actor Zachary Quinto.

Moore and producer Corey Moosa hosted a lecture and kick-off celebration to discuss The Business of Filmmaking with students, alumni and the University community. View an archived video of the event.

The TV series and both feature films will be shot entirely in Pittsburgh throughout the winter. Students and alumni representing the Conservatory of Performing Arts, School of Business and School of Communication will work on and off set in production-based roles, as well as administrative and marketing positions. Several classes will participate in semester-long projects, and students will have the opportunity to audition for roles in the films.

"The Chair" explores the power of creative vision and the impact it has on artistic product. The series will chronicle each director’s journey to make the best film, and the winner will be chosen by audience vote. The winning director will receive a year-long filmmaker’s package in Los Angeles to pursue their dream of becoming a Hollywood director. The film is a coming-of-age comedy about a group of former high school classmates who return home from college for Thanksgiving.

Shane Dawson and Anna Martemucci, both from Los Angeles, are the competing directors. Dawson is currently one of the biggest stars on YouTube as a result of his comedy channel. He recently sold a half-hour sitcom based on his life to NBC.

Martemucci is a writer, actress and producer, often assuming all three roles for a film. She’s best known for Before After (2010), Periods (2012) and Breakup at a Wedding (2013).

The series will air on a paid cable channel this fall. 

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