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Internship leads to part-time job for cinema student Heidi Schlegel

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Pictured is cinema and digital arts major Heidi Schlegel. Photo | Rachel Norris

Meet Heidi Schlegel

Internship: The Talent Group, Summer 2012
Major: Cinema arts
Business management
Expected graduation:
May 2013
College activities:
Honors Program, Green and Gold Society, community facilitator, community mentor, campus life
Running, riding horses, cooking and baking
Lancaster, Pa.
High School: Cocalico High School
Dream job:
Working as a first assistant director for major motion pictures or a television series.

What were some of your key responsibilities as an intern at the Talent Group?

I was responsible for helping to coordinate auditions for casting calls, voiceovers and modeling. I also worked in the accounting department filing and entering important budget numbers and tax information.

I was fortunate enough to be offered a part-time job as an assistant in the kid’s department after completing my internship. I work on contacting the talent, creating their web pages and organizing their database.

How have you incorporated the skills you learned at Point Park into the work you did at your internship?

I’ve been able to incorporate both my major and minor into my internship at the Talent Group. I utilize my cinema skills when it comes to selecting talent for clients, taking photographs and taping auditions. I use my business management skills when I enter W-9’s, file invoices and balance receipts.

Please list internship experiences you've had at Point Park.

  • Steeltown Film Factory
  • Argentine Productions
  • The Talent Group
  • The Umbrella Man Project

Why did you choose to attend Point Park?

I chose to attend Point Park because it was conveniently located in the heart of Downtown Pittsburgh and offered a clear and concise program for a cinema and digital arts major. As a student at Point Park, I feel like I have a name rather than a number because of the small classroom sizes and passionate professors.

In what ways did this internship help you with your career goals? 

Having had an internship at the Talent Group has allowed me to make valuable contacts. I have had multiple chances to network and explore other career avenues that I never thought were possible. In addition to contacts, it has helped me land a part-time job prior to graduation.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Every student should pursue at least two internships while in college. An internship provides a student with real-world experience and helps you adapt to a working environment. My internships have helped me create a resume that I am proud of and learn skills only accessible through experiences outside of a classroom setting.  

Photo by photography major Rachel Norris


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