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Alum implements curriculum and instruction expertise at Allegheny Intermediate Unit

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pictured is curriculum and instruction alum Paul Cindric.

Meet Paul Cindric

Job Title: Coordinator of curriculum, instruction, and assessment
Allegheny Intermediate Unit
Degrees earned:
Bachelor of Science in education, Duquesne University; Master of Public Management, Carnegie Mellon University; Master of Arts in curriculum and instruction, Point Park University
Graduation years: B.S. in 1990, M.P.M. in 2003 and M.A. in 2006
Hometown and current residence: Versailles, Pa.

What made you choose Point Park’s curriculum and instruction grad program?

I was impressed with the courses offered and the faculty in the program.  All of the faculty members had practical experience working in the education field as principals, administrators, or teachers. Their teaching style is based on their real-world experiences in school districts.  Also, I liked that I was able to take three classes in a row on a Saturday instead of on different days throughout the week.  Point Park’s central location in Downtown Pittsburgh was helpful too and easy to get to compared to other universities in the area.

What are your key responsibilities as a coordinator of curriculum, instruction, and assessment for PA LEARNERS Online/STREAM Academy within the Allegheny Intermediate Unit?

I am responsible for coordinating the K-12 curricula to ensure for vertical and horizontal integration of Pennsylvania state standards.  My job also has me responsible for providing sustained professional development for staff based upon identified school needs, curricular support, state mandates, and school improvement.  I oversee the state mandated tests in coordination with our guidance department.  In addition, I supervise teachers and conduct observations and conferences with them.  I also work collaboratively with the other administrators in my school in the planning, implementing, and communicating of programs and initiatives.

How has your master's degree helped you in your career path?

By earning a master's degree from Point Park, I was also able to obtain my curriculum and instruction certification through the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  This additional certification has opened doors for me that my administrative certificate alone could not.  It helped me obtain my previous position as the K-12 social studies supervisor for Pittsburgh Public Schools as well as my current position.

What job opportunities are there for curriculum and instruction graduates?

School districts are always looking for people who have expertise in curriculum and instruction and view graduates of this field of study as very valuable.  In an era of increased accountability for schools and educational institutions, people with knowledge and skills in curriculum and instruction are vital to success and student achievement.

What advice do you have for educators?

Educators have to keep abreast of the best ways to educate students, especially in a rapidly changing technological environment.  At the Allegheny Intermediate Unit, we strive to match our curriculum with what’s needed in the 21st century workplace and require that it happens in a manner that is leading-edge, high quality, and cost-effective. 



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