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Commuter Activities

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What's Happening On Campus for Commuters

Students lounging in the village park next to the Boulevard ApartmentsAs a student at Point Park — whether you're full time, a few days a week or once a week — you spend time on campus. Commuters' schedules vary widely, but you can get involved with campus activities and events. From the Office of Commuter Affairs and the Commuter Club to the student clubs and organizations of Student Activities, you'll find lots of opportunities outside of classes and course work to meet other commuters, learn about campus resources, get involved in on-campus activities, join (or start!) a club and more.

Commuter Club

The Commuter Club is a student-run group organized to unite commuter students and advocate for this specific population of students. It is open to all commuters. If you are interested in getting involved, send an email to studentlife@pointpark.edu

Opportunities to get involved on campus

Enrich your campus and educational experiences, and meet people, by getting involved on campus. Student Activities are open to all students, whether you live off or on campus. Join a club or organization, and participate in any ticket sales and/or events arranged by Student Activities.

The Office of Student Life organizes monthly commuter breakfasts, movies, guest speakers, music and more for students who commute. These events and activities are scheduled around commuter student schedules and are a great way to involved in life on campus.

Keep up with what's happening for commuters on campus: