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School of Arts and Sciences

Mathematics/Secondary Education


Pictured is Matthew Pascal, Ph.D., assistant professor of mathematics. Above: Meet Matthew Pascal, Ph.D., assistant professor of mathematics at Point Park University.

Degree Programs in Mathematics/Secondary Education

Point Park University offers both a traditional baccalaureate program and a post-baccalaureate program leading to a Bachelor of Science degree and certification in mathematics/secondary education. The post-baccalaureate program in this major provides the opportunity for in-service teachers in other disciplines to add mathematics/secondary education to their certification, or the opportunity for those who hold a degree in mathematics or a related field to become certified in mathematics/secondary education.

Preparation for teachers in mathematics/secondary education is a cooperative effort between the Department of Natural Sciences and Engineering Technology and the Department of Education. Advisors from each department work cooperatively to ensure that all state education standards are met for certification.

Certification in Mathematics/Secondary Education

Students with a baccalaureate degree in mathematics or a related field may choose to attain mathematics/secondary education certification only, not a second baccalaureate degree. The requirements for this certification program are similar to those for the post-baccalaureate program leading to a bachelor of science degree, except only 24 credits in residence at Point Park University are necessary.

Transfer Credits

Subject to the review of the faculty, incoming students may receive credit for previous course work at comparable institutions or for teaching experience. Agreements with other local institutions allow Point Park students to register for courses that are offered elsewhere, giving them the opportunity to pursue subjects not taught on campus during a particular term.

Advanced standing credit may be granted to post-baccalaureate students for prerequisites and other requirements.

Program Requirements

In addition to course work, students in the mathematics/secondary education programs must meet the following requirements:

Baccalaureate Program

  • After completing 48 semester credit hours, all students must apply for admission into the mathematics/secondary education teacher certification program.
  • Mathematics/secondary education majors are required to complete 150 hours of observations and field experiences beginning during the sophomore year. Transfer students must complete 75 hours.

Post-Baccalaureate Program

  • Students must complete a minimum of 30 credits—exclusive of prerequisites—in residence at Point Park University.
  • Mathematics/secondary educations certification candidates must complete 50 hours of observations and field experiences.

All Programs

All students must complete one semester of student teaching.  Prior to student teaching, students must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Completion of all course work
  • Pennsylvania criminal record check
  • Child abuse history clearance
  • FBI criminal background check
  • Negative TB test
  • Passing scores for all PRAXIS exams
  • Documentation of observation hours
  • Overall 3.0 G.P.A.

Special Education Dual Certification Option

In addition to the initial certification program, Point Park education students can choose to simultaneously complete the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s requirements for special education certification. 

The mathematics secondary education and special education degree requirements list the course work required to obtain the dual certification.

Course Offerings

You will receive a well-rounded education through Point Park's core curriculum and classes in your major.  Some of the mathematics courses include:

  • Elementary Statistics
  • Calculus I, II and III
  • Differential Equations
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Modern Applied Algebra
  • Geometry

For a comprehensive list of program requirements and course descriptions, see the degree requirements and School of Arts and Sciences course descriptions and program guides.