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School of Arts and Sciences

Natural Sciences

Pictured are Point Park natural science majors.

Excellence Down to a Natural Science

At Point Park University, we teach real-world science and prepare students for a variety of career paths such as microbiologist, biotechnologist or a doctor. Whatever your natural inclination, here's the place to start. If you are fascinated by the world of science, the majors offered in the natural sciences are for you.

Whether you are interested in preparing for a profession in medicine or starting an exciting career in the life sciences, we can provide you with the education you need to achieve your goals. Working with our highly qualified faculty in well-equipped labs, you can study a wide range of subjects including molecular biology, organic chemistry, bioinformatics, environmental health and epidemiology.

As a national leader in "eds and meds," Pittsburgh's thriving health care industry makes possible internships for science students all across the city, with local opportunities such as the Allegheny County Medical Examiner's Office and the Allegheny County Health Department. A large number of research hospitals also provide excellent opportunities for employment.

Undergraduate programs

Graduate program

Internship Opportunities

  • Allegheny Land Trust
  • Carnegie Science Center
  • Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, PA
  • Pittsburgh Tissue Engineering Inc.
  • The National Aviary
  • University of Pittsburgh Biotechnology Center
  • University of Pittsburgh Department of Pharmacology
  • University of Pittsburgh Center for Vaccine Research
  • Western Pennsylvania Conservancy

Natural sciences alumni and student success stories

Photo Gallery: Natural Sciences - Students and Alumni