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School of Arts and Sciences

Facilities and Equipment

Pictured are students in a Point Park University lab.

The Department of Natural Sciences, Engineering and Technology at Point Park University offers a number of well-equipped labs and facilities for students who are studying a wide range of subjects — from molecular biology, organic chemistry, and environmental health to civil, electrical, or mechanical engineering technology.

Prof. Matt Updyke and students discuss their lichen study. | Photo by Bethany Foltz

Natural Sciences

  • Biotechnology and Bioinformatics Computer Laboratory
  • Chemistry Laboratory
  • Environmental Science, Molecular Biology, Zoology, Botany, and Genetics Laboratory
  • Instrument Laboratory (with new spectroscopic instruments)
  • Physics/Geology Laboratory

Engineering and Engineering Technology

Civil Engineering Technology
  • R.L. Simmons Materials Laboratory
  • Simulation Laboratory
  • Soils Laboratory 
Electrical Engineering and Electrical Engineering Technology
  • Circuits Laboratory
  • Digital Electronics Laboratory
  • Electrical Power Laboratory
  • Radio Laboratory
Mechanical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering Technology
  • Heat Transfer/Fluids Laboratory 

Photo Gallery of NSET Facilities and Equipment