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Master of Science in Environmental Studies


Pictured is Courtney Mahronich, political science and M.S. environmental studies alumna who is now director of trail development for Friends of the Riverfront. | Photo by Olivia Ruk

Alumni Profile

Pictured is Master of Science in environmental studies alumna Michelle Wunderley.
Earning a master's degree in environmental studies put Michelle Wunderley a step ahead in her career.

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Earn a Master's Degree in Environmental Studies at Pittsburgh's Downtown University

The Master of Science in environmental studies is a 30-credit interdisciplinary degree program intended to provide students with an understanding of the complex nature of environmental problems and their solutions.

Offered in an accelerated format, the M.S. degree can be completed in as little as 11 months. The program prepares graduates to function as environmental professionals in industry, regulatory agencies and non-profit organizations.

Upon successful completion of the environmental studies program, you will: 

  • Understand the complex nature of environmental problems and their solutions;
  • Be knowledgeable regarding economic impact in natural resource development and sustainability, energy needs and pollution control;
  • Understand the roles of local and federal governments and global institutions in solving environmental problems; and
  • Appreciate how the environment affects human health, and major environmental health problems related to air and water quality, waste water and soil and hazardous waste management.

Environmental Studies Courses

Some of the courses in the environmental studies graduate program include:

  • Economics and the Environment
  • Politics and the Environment
  • Exploring the Environment and Health Connection
  • Environmental Communication

For a comprehensive list of program requirements and course descriptions, see the degree requirements and course descriptions.

Environmental Studies Jobs

With a master's degree in environmental studies, you will have the option to pursue various careers in areas such as:

  • Municipal Government Agencies
  • Nonprofit Environmental Advocacy Organizations
  • Regional Planning
  • Environmental Consulting Firms
  • Environmental Law

Learn More

For questions and additional details, contact the Office of Graduate Admission at gradadmission@pointpark.edu or 412-392-3808.

M.S. in Environmental Studies Graduate Seminar