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Policy Information

Please refer back to this page each semester to stay informed about policy changes and updates in the Office of Student Accounts.

Financial Responsibility:

When registering for classes at Point Park University, either through the online or paper registration process, you are agreeing to payment of Point Park University's tuition, fees, room, board, and other charges on your student account by the due date for the term in which you are registering.

Please read the Financial Registration Terms and Conditions for detailed information.

Billing Policy & Procedures:

Student account information is available online via PointWeb at all times. All billing is electronic. Paper bills are not mailed. E-bills are sent to the student's Point Park email address as well as to anyone designated as an Authorized Payer by the student.  Regardless of whether or not the student's e-bill is successfully received, the student is still responsible for timely payment of their tuition bill.

Various methods are used to notify students of outstanding balances.  If students do not respond in a timely manner to these collection efforts, the student account will be turned over to an outside collection agency.  Collection costs may be assessed at that time. 

Payment Policy:

Payment in full or payment arrangements must be made on or before the established tuition due date.  If registration occurs after the due date, payment is due immediately.  See information on tuition due dates and payment options.

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act:

In accordance with FERPA, commonly referred to as the Buckley Amendment, Point Park University is not permitted to release personally identifiable information to any person other than the student without the student's specific, written permission.

The Student Financial Services Office must have a completed Release of Information Form on file to discuss student account and financial aid information with anyone other than the student. 

Students can choose to change or cancel the form by submitting a written request to the Student Financial Services Office.

Monthly Late Fee Policy:

Monthly late fees are applied to all past due student accounts.  The current fee is $75.  To avoid monthly late fees, contact the Office of Student Accounts to make payment arrangements on or before the established tuition due date.

Student Account Hold (Business Hold):

Students must satisfy all previous semester balances completely before registering for future semesters.  (Balance must be $0.00) If balances are not satisfied, a student account hold will be placed on the student record prohibiting registration.  Monthly late fees will also be assessed immediately.

Any student registered for a current semester while owing a previous semester balance will have all classes dropped for the current semester unless satisfactory payment arrangments are made.

Refund Check Reissue Policy:

For questions about the timing or the amount of your refund, please email Point Park's Office of Student Accounts at studentaccounts@pointpark.edu.

For detailed information regarding refunds, please visit the student refunds page.

Tuition and Fees Refund Policy:

15-Week Courses 
   1-7 calendar days, inclusive - all fees.............100% Refund
   8-14 calendar days, inclusive - excludes
             University fee and activities fees...........50% Refund
   More than 14 calendar days............................None       

Courses Less Than 15 Weeks
  Final Day of Schedule Change Period................ 100% Refund
  After Schedule Change Period...........................None

 Summer Sessions (Six- and Twelve-week Terms)
   1-7 calendar days, inclusive...........................100% Refund
   More than 7 calendar days.............................None 


Important dates for withdrawals for the spring, summer and fall semesters can be found in the Coursebook.

To view our official refund policy, please refer to the Undergraduate and Graduate Catalogs.

Bookstore Charging

Approximately 10 days prior to the start of the semester, students with anticipated credit balances can begin charging books and supplies up to $700 at the University's bookstore. Students can also use these funds online at the bookstore's website.

The bookstore charging period is limited. The end date is approximately one week after the semester begins. Please visit the Bookstore Charges page for specific charging dates.

Any funds remaining after the bookstore charging period has closed will be credited back to the student's account and a student refund check will be processed according to the University's student refund policy.

Important information for accelerated students: Please be aware that bookstore charges can only be obtained during a certain time frame. If you are taking accelerated courses during the second session, please plan to get your books within the above time frame. 

Please contact the Office of Student Accounts with any further questions or concerns by emailing studentaccounts@pointpark.edu or calling 412-392-3424.